Is Anyone Calling This Show!?


In honor of summer, the podgirls are taking a break--you should be too! We're traveling, enjoying the sun, and ONE of us (Chelsea)  is playing Rosalind. But don't worry, we'll be back in the fall. In the meantime, catch up on old episodes and read a book in the sun. It's summer!

    Did you miss Episode 13? We talked to DC playwright and performer Natalie Ann Piegari. Natalie talks ECT, burlesque, and her upcoming one woman show Bleach and Razor in Episode 13.  


    Maybe when I was 8, I thought I would be on Broadway by now, but when I was 23, I think I would be thrilled to be having the life that I’m having[...]comparing yourself to yourself and your goals for yourself and not to whatever the people around you happen to be doing at a given moment because everybody’s on their own path.
    — -Lizzi Albert on Episode 7, talking about dealing with insecurity as an actor